I make simple sites for my own personal use and share them with the world. You probably know me from @dgSHiFTCodes or when I used to stream.

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Public Projects

The Unofficial Borderlands SHiFT and VIP Code Archive


Back in 2012 this began as a simple project to keep track of SHiFT Codes for Borderlands 2. It was originally an email list for a couple of friends and grew over time. Today it is a fully automated python bot with a hugo/nginx front end that handles 3 million hits a month and has more than 350K Twitter followers.

SHiFT Code Pro


Using data provided by the Unofficial SHiFT Code Archive this site produces a simple and attractive list of all active SHiFT Codes in a easy to read format. It is fully automated with a custom Python 3 script that reads remote data and applies a set of templates to the page anytime a new code is published on the archive.

Random Siege Operators


In the early days of Ubisoft's "Rainbow Six: Siege" there was no way to let the server pick a random operator for you to use. I created this page for my own use and it turned out that a lot of people had the same needs. It became very popular until Ubisoft put in their own random operator button in 2019.

Random Vermintide 2


This popular hero-based fantasy survival expedition currently has no easy to way to randomly select a hero or a mission. This page was created to remedy that situation and allow my group of friends to easily and rapidly pick a mission and heroes to play in the evenings. Optimized and recommended for use use on mobile devices.

Random Payday 2 Heists


Another title popular amongst my friends for a few years was Payday 2. However, once again there was (and still remains) no random mission selector. This page simple picks random heists.

Random Battlefield 1 Loadouts


Once again another AAA title launched without the ability to randomly select your equipment. This page was created to allow for more diverse gameplay in Battlefield 1